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Where is JeSais?

I’ve not been updating this blog much– focusing more on my professional writing, and other personal creative projects. If you’d like to hire me to help you tell your story–check out my professional website at Join my Monday Writers group in Albuquerque: Check out a DimeStories open mic event (for prose, not poetry) […]

My first crocheted hat

My Next Big Thing

It’s been awhile since I posted on this blog. I’ve been busy maintaining the DimeStories website, the I WRITE BECAUSE project, teaching a class on Writing Grief, contributing to A Writer’s March, and revising my memoir.  Oh and working for money too as a freelance writer. I was first tagged for this Next Big Thing […]

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Stuff and Things and What’s Next?

The dreaded post MFA question:  What are you going to do NOW? ugh. Somehow I seem to find myself rather busy.  I’m working on revising, rewriting, and revamping my work-in-progress book, Reconstructing My Mother.    I’ve been to Taos, to the Taos Summer Writer’s Conference, I’m heading to New York, and San Diego… Other creative […]

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I’m just not a dog person

I’d been thinking about getting a dog for awhile.  I’d imagined taking a dog on a long walk every day (the exercise would be good for both us). Or I’d be sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe with a well-behaved dog at my feet. I could envision road trips, a dog at my side.  I’d […]

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Teaching Creative Writing in Unexpected Places

When I was in San Diego I had the opportunity to join my friend (novelist, founder of DimeStories, and literary hostess and pie maker extraordinnaire) Amy Wallen for her PEN In the Classroom gig at the City Heights Community Center.  She teaches two groups of high school students who are participating in a marine biology discovery […]

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Are Road Trips Ever What We Think They Will Be?

On Friday, April 13 I successfully defended my dissertation, “Reconstructing My Mother.” It still seems so surreal…  I’m not sure if any of my committee members actually asked me questions!  Perhaps I was in an Ojo daze. My sister had come a few days earlier and we’d gone up to Ojo Caliente for a couple […]

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Last night I decided to take a look at my manuscript for the first time since turning in the copies to my committee members.  I re-read the preface, and began flipping through the pages looking for excerpts to read aloud at the defense. And I know I’m writing about grief, and death and cancer, but […]

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New Chapters

Friday at 8:30 a.m. I sent “Reconstructing My Mother,” my 226 page manuscript, aka my dissertation, off to the Copy Center where they will print out and coil bind 7 copies for me to distribute to my committee and my colleagues.  A part of me is pleased. I have completed the thing that is the […]

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March Challenges

One of the challenges of March, for me here in Albuquerque is the coming of Spring, which means winds–big gusty winds that unnerve me.  And, pollen ACHOO!.  (I didn’t have allergies like this in San Diego). Anyway, another challenge THIS March is of course The Dissertation, which if you are a regular reader of my […]

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Reconstructing MYSELF

I’ve been working on this project, Reconstructing My Mother, since 2005 when I signed up for a memoir class at the Taos Summer Writers Conference.  The instructor letter said, among other things, “Send 10-25 pages of your manuscript…. bla bla bla” Yeah. After the word “manuscript” my vision blurred then my brain went into panic […]

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