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Poll : because I want to know what YOU think

okra. fried.

about okra

my latest obsession. distraction. subject of my newest memoir.

but what do you think?

3 comments to Poll : because I want to know what YOU think

  • eebie

    For the most part I do live without it. Life is better with it, but I never miss it.

  • Rayna

    Steam it until slightly tender and dip in melted butter. Delicious!

  • hi jenn,
    i do not like okra, no. i once had a short love affair with it. it’s hard to cook correctly, there is a fine line. sometimes it is good but most often a mushy snotty seedy mess. so, my official answer is no.
    anyways, that’s that.
    hugs to you from new york, fabulous cousin.

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