Flat Stanley

Stanley gets his first view of San Diego…


It’s bright and sunny outside, so we had to get some sunglasses

Here we are at Petco Park.  Stanley is a CUBS fan especially since the mean security guard didn’t want to let us take Stanley’s picture at PETCO Park, home of the Padres….


We ignored the Security Guard and took pictures anyway.  It was, afterall, our tax dollars that paid for the downtown stadium.

Too bad the hot dog stand was empty. Stanley was hungry.  Chicago hot dogs are much better, however.

Stanley loves trains…   Here we are checking out the San Diego Trolley.

Stanley’s Uncle Ralph likes trains too. And he likes Stanley.

So Uncle Ralph said, “Let’s go check out the Santa Fe Depot, home of the Amtrak!”


The trolley stops here too….

The Santa Fe Depot was built by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway in 1915

Next we walked down to the waterfront… and along the way Flat Stanley made some flat friends.  They couldn’t come with us, unfortunately.

The waterfront in San Diego has a display of artist made trees of all shapes and sizes.  Stanley discovered he is an art aficionado.  Just like his Uncle Ralph!

The Star of India ship was built in 1863. She is now part of the San Diego Maritime museum

We also saw the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier now permanently berthed in San Diego as a national museum. We didn’t have time to go aboard…  maybe next time.

Maybe next time Stanley will come to Albuquerque….