I’ve been blogged

Can’t believe I finally did it. Wondering if I will blog as much as I journal…. Sometimes life is too overwhelming to write about. Takes time to process.



anyone is interested…


is my nickname, derived one new year’s eve. Actually we all came up with new names for ourselves that night– new names for the new millenium. My friend Kim, became Miki, which is sort of the opposite of Kim… she was in the process of getting a divorce and we decided that she needed a new name for the wonderful new life she would be leading… actually I think the whole crazy plan was my idea, which was how I was dubbed “Je Sais”

For some time Ralph had been calling me, Je Ne Sais Quois (french for “I don’t know anything) instead of my given name “Jennifer” so that night, in drunken brilliance, I was re-named Je Sais, which is french for “I know”.

Marty wanted to be called Ibrahim… the Spanish translation of the name Abraham. He had a long explanation about how great Abraham (the biblical one) was… and the rest of us, laughing uproariously, named him “Ibby” as any translation of a biblical great was way too lofty for one with as big an ego as Marty…

Ralph became “Stack,” an old nickname of a favorite uncle and the rest is history….