Blogging is hard work

but not as hard as writing about tungsten electrodes!

I feel like I’m writing a term paper for school… problem is I didn’t take engineering. or metalurgy or chemistry. In fact I pretty much avoided everything technical in favor of fun things like Spanish linguistics, Portuguese literature, French…

ah well. I am learning. I had no idea how important grind angle and tip diameter was to the creation of a TIG welding bead. My head is spinning.

One thought on “Blogging is hard work

  1. I feel ya. We’re learning Tig and Mig welding in school. I’ve welded about 500 coupons (1 x 3″) so far in the last 5 days. But I got signed off on my fillet tig weld. Stay relaxed and comfortable. That seems to be the key in a consistant beed


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