on Writing

Strangest thing happened last Saturday.
I attended a workshop, taught by Judy Reeves which was awesome. I had expected to mine some more nuggets for the personal essays I’m trying to write, and submit, and potentially publish. Instead, the characters from my “story” showed up.

I call it a “story” because I am not sure what form it will take. Novel? Screenplay? Short Story? Novella? it is at this point a mystery. Which makes it very difficult for me to write, not knowing what the goal is, not having an outline, just some compelling characters.

Anyway, I can’t help but wonder… did they show up to distract me? so I will once again have 1/2 finished projects… or did they show up to tell me I need to tell their story? Maybe I need to look at this differently. Maybe it is possible to do both. While writing about tungsten grinders, and Plasma Arc Welding Torches….of course.



is half over.
I’ve not updated this blog. I’ve been working on another one instead.
I’m so excited, my fellow writers from the San Diego Writers, Ink class “Become a More Powerful Writer,” taught by Sue Diaz and Candace Toft have joined to form a group for read and critique and general writing support.

And today, I am taking a class from Judy Reeves…. who taught the first writing workshop I ever took, about 10 years ago.

Which means, I should have some good writing by the end of the day… perhaps to post tomorrow.