on Writing

Strangest thing happened last Saturday.
I attended a workshop, taught by Judy Reeves which was awesome. I had expected to mine some more nuggets for the personal essays I’m trying to write, and submit, and potentially publish. Instead, the characters from my “story” showed up.

I call it a “story” because I am not sure what form it will take. Novel? Screenplay? Short Story? Novella? it is at this point a mystery. Which makes it very difficult for me to write, not knowing what the goal is, not having an outline, just some compelling characters.

Anyway, I can’t help but wonder… did they show up to distract me? so I will once again have 1/2 finished projects… or did they show up to tell me I need to tell their story? Maybe I need to look at this differently. Maybe it is possible to do both. While writing about tungsten grinders, and Plasma Arc Welding Torches….of course.


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