Merriam Webster Online has as the last definition for balance “mental and emotional steadiness”

There’s nothing about balancing work and the rest of life. Not that I expected some sort of How-To, or that I really have much to complain about, but given that balance, or the lack thereof, is such a problem in our society, you’d think the dictionary would reflect that.

I know I have it easy. All I have to do is work from nine to five. You’d think I could find time for fun stuff like like blogging. Or working on my own writing. I don’t have kids to take care of, or a husband to consider, and yet I still struggle with finding the time and space, mental space, to work on personal endeavors even when I know they are good for my soul.

So, instead of working on my personal projects, my brain is filled with words for things like Titanium Welding, or EZ Wipes, or grinding tungsten. What’s up with that?

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