I shoulda been a detective

I’m getting pretty good at it. Finding things. Finding people.

I found my mom’s high school sweetheart… in Corpus Christi Texas. That story is being written for my book-in-progress, “Reconstructing My Mother.” Due out in stores… well, sometime after I finish writing it, and find a publisher, just a few details to work out!

I found my cousin Troy and through him, found my cousins Terri and Todd and Travis who apparently have this cool gaming business in Tallahassee.

I’m sad that I lost my cousins in the first place. Not sure how it happened. They used to live down the street from us. Then they moved to Saudi Arabia, contact got sporadic as we all moved to different cities, states, countries. Things got weird after Papasan died… we all went our seperate ways and had our lives…. then Tia died… and now I find out Uncle George died too. Seems strange that we were so close at one point, and to not even know the fundamental details. It’s sad. I want to stop that. I don’t have much family left, and lord knows my family doesn’t seem to have the longevity gene firmly in place.

Friends come and go… but family is at least supposed to stay on the Christmas card list, even if you don’t send Christmas Cards.

My Mid Year Resolution: SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS THIS YEAR! Lord knows I’ve bought enough of them!

One thought on “I shoulda been a detective

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