Crawdaddy Weekend…

I mean Crawberts: Joe and Leah. Yeah! They came down for the weekend from Simi Valley, which I’m not really sure where that is, but I think it was far. They made the rounds around San Diego county and stopped to visit me. So we had a party.

Leah made some yummy dip thing out of cool whip and cherry flavored yogurt. The yogurt was organic, so does that make it healthy? hmmm. Anyway, mix that up and dip in some strawberries and you have a delicious treat! Thanks Leah. Oh yeah, and they left me lots of chicken that never made it to the grill, instead its in my freezer waiting for the next barbeque opportunity.

Sunday I was going to maybe go to brunch, but ended up writing instead, completely re-working a short fiction piece that I already submitted to my Read and Critique group on Saturday morning. Oh well. Then I went to a literary event hosted by San Diego Writers, Ink. I’ll post a “review” later.

Sunday evening I spent at my sister’s eating dinner and going through old photos so we can put together a montage / homage for my Dad. I’ll be scanning those photos over the next week… there’s some funny ones.

Is it Friday yet??

3 thoughts on “Crawdaddy Weekend…

  1. we had so much fun!give alex a kiss from me (since i never got close enough to do it myself) and please give Shakey aka Chico one as well. til next time!xops. the dip IS healthy, i swear!


  2. healthy smealthy… it was yummy! and Chico misses you aleady. I told my roomie that he sat on your lap and she was astounded. You must have good doggie energy šŸ™‚


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