Blogher post #1

I admit it. I’m not the avid blogger I pretend to be, which you’ll realize if you stop by and peruse the sporadic posts.

I’ll post more about Blogher 2006 later, I’m exhausted, but for my first post, I thought I’d mention the first person I met, Steve, who was at the Blogher conference with his mother— an 80 something year YOUNG blogger. I admit, I get a little teary-eyed thinking about it. And jealous too. How wonderful to be able to share this crazy technology thing with your mom.

I wonder if my mom would be a blogger. I know she was an avid letter-writer, as I have a shoebox full of letters she’d written to my grandparents, to my dad when he was a sea, letters home to my sister and I from vacationing sans the kids in the Orient. I just don’t know if she would have embraced this new technology.

I know my dad read my blog, at least a few times. He mentioned once that he liked what I wrote about my sister. But I don’t think he ever got into the blogging thing in general. He did own all the latest computer equipment (he was an engineer). I also found out he even had an I-pod. His music list was very varied: from Hawaiian slack key guitarists Keola and Kapono Beamer, to Diana Krall, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon… I’m sure I could come up with more, but I’m very tired. Too many late nights, too little sleep.

I know it seems strange that I mention a “BlogHim” in my first post about the BlogHer conference, but seriously, he was the first person I met. I sat down at a table with my coffee, and he was there. He may have said something before asking “Do you know my mom?” but I don’t remember.

“No, should I?” I answered, instantly outing myself as a blog community illiterate. And just to clarify I added “I really don’t know anybody.”

“Well you do now, I’m Steve.”

So thanks Steve for making me feel not quite so intimidated. Next time I want to make sure I meet your mom, though– she really seems cool.

I did meet lots of incredible women, doing cool stuff in audio, video, social activism, community building, and just plain good writing. As soon as I get some sleep I’m sure I’ll be able to focus some of my thoughts and get them down on ether.

4 thoughts on “Blogher post #1

  1. i did not get to see enough of you! and that last night, when i saw you weaving through the tables straight for me with a glass of wine, i almost cried, it was so sweet and i was so tired. thanks, jenn.xo


  2. It was great! to meet you Jenn. (The last night at the table with LeahPeah and Amanda B.) : ) Happy Blog-O-versary, by the way.


  3. HiThanks for the mention. I am Steve’s lucky mom. I loved Blogher, meeting those great people and spending and sharing the time with Steve.It was ALL a very special experience for me.


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