Shamu doesn’t use his blinker

That’s right. Yesterday on the way to work, I watched Shamu of SeaWorld fame zooming in and out of traffic heading north on the I-5. My first thought was, if that were me in that Volkswagon (I drive a Cyber Green beetle)

I’d be glad the windows were so darkly tinted! I mean that car has a tail fin! and a dorsal fin!

and no blinker…..

PS this photo is from 2003 when I bought my car.

One thought on “Shamu doesn’t use his blinker

  1. I just love those VW Bugs! Fins not required.Hey, I can’t find a “Contact Me” link on your blog (am I just blind?) so I’m posting this here. Feel free to delete: When my web feed finder looks for your RSS/Atom feed, it finds your old address…which has been hijacked by some insurance company advertisement. Thought you should know so you can get it redirected.P.S. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I just love comments.


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