Blogher Post #2

I had all these grand ideas about blogging some of what I learned at Blogher, writing about the cool people I met there, some of whom are now on the side bar, but he writing thing, well, that really hasn’t happened.

I got to Blogher by volunteering on the Audio team, our mission was to record all the panel discussions and workshops to be turned into podcasts. Cool idea, and since I am interested in audio (I’m an NPR-O-Holic with dreams of getting a story on This American Life) I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn a bit about how this thing is done. And I did. I learned, but most of all I just jumped in there and did it. I looked cool (ok, I looked like a dork but I felt cool) sitting at the controls, head phones on, tinkering with and monitoring input levels. As if I knew what I were doing HA! Well, it did make me brave enough to pull out my new M-Audio Micro Trak Digital recorder and interview some fellow Bloghers. The question was “Why do you blog?” and here are some answers, edited into a little soundprint called Why Blog (mp3 format). Not sure this is the best way to do this, I think I can make it so a little player shows up here in this post, and you can play when you click, but I haven’t learned that part yet. So you’ll just have to click on the MP3 and launch your own audio player. It’s under 2 minutes and about 500K.

Thanks to the following Bloghers for lending me their voices:

Life After Breakfast
Her Bad Mother
Fire on the Poop Deck
Jennster and
Susan at 2020Hindsight

apologies for the creative yet not perfect editing… my first turn with Audacity.

3 thoughts on “Blogher Post #2

  1. Jenn – Good for you, making the audio work on your site! I saw your e-mail to the audio team and couldn’t get on your page right away to check it, but I just did. I was so excited to learn more about podcasting and I hope everything turns out okay with the recordings. It was smart of you to “record in the moment” at the conference!


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