Hey LeahPeah!

Hey Leahpeah (I had to say it again so I could link) Did you know your blog sent 187 people to my blog this month so far? That means that WAY more than 187 people actually read your blog, and that I have WAY too much time on my hands if I’m worried about tracking stats on my little blog!

But seriously. That is a bit intimidating. Like maybe I should write something incredibly insightful and meaningful to entice these 187 people to come back and play. Instead, I’m using up my creative brain cells at work. The brain cells that work on automatic pilot for things like breathing and eating and sleeping are working just fine. But the creative ones are tired by the time I get home. I’ve spent the day (with the exception of an email here or there) writing about welding. This week its been about helmets, welding helmets, auto-darkening welding helmets to be specific. Oh, and I also wrote about nozzles (front end parts for TIG Torches), but you can’t read that until the article comes out in Practical Welding Today.

So maybe I’ll write something inspirational tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Hey LeahPeah!

  1. i for one find your writings regarding auto-darkening welding helmets to be quite fascinating. seriously, though, when i clicked over here i thought you were totally yelling at me for a second and i was all, dude! what did i do?? xo


  2. yeah, well I only met Heather briefly at Blogher, so I can’t really “blame” her… and no blame really. I think it’s totally cool the whole its-a-small-world thing. We are all connected!!


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