Let’s Fly Naked!

Shoes, no shoes, liquids, no liquids, gels, no gels. Carry on luggage? Yes. No.
Nail clippers? No. Yes. Pocket knife? No. Yes, if its teeny tiny. Knitting needles? no. Baby food? Yes. The list of TSA restricted/approved items is not only ridiculously long but just plain ridiculous. In these times of airline cutbacks (no more free peanuts, and only “food for purchase” being offered) Now airline passengers are not allowed to bring beverages on board. Not even beverages bought at the airport, which I’m assuming have already been screened if they are being sold on the “secure” side of the checkpoint. Perhaps I’m just naive.

Why is it ok to have baby food but not adult food (or rather drink)? Have you ever had to hang out with me if I’d dehydrated? Let me tell you, I can get downright cranky. I feel really bad for those flight attendants, who in order to line the pockets of the company execs have taken some serious pay cuts and more than likely they can not count on the pension plan they were promised now have to put up with cranky unfed dehydrated passengers dinging the damn bell everytime they want a water refill. Flying just can’t be fun anymore.

Of course I’m also a bit of a conspiracy theorists. It seems a little convenient that as W’s approval ratings have tanked, we all of the sudden have a new threat, and gee isn’t it a good thing we’re out there fighting the war on terrorism. HEY, how ’bout we conduct ourselves in a manner that doesn’t piss everyone off?? Why do we expect every other country to be concerned about “world opinion” but we don’t give a hooey?

So my plan for the future…. let’s be nice to everyone and Let’s Fly Naked!

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