Something insightful

Not. Nothing. I have a serious case of writers block. Bloggers block even. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m sad. Feeling rather alone here these days. My roommate’s out of town, my sister’s out of town, my best friend lives in LA, my other best friend is on a business trip. You’d think with all this extra time, ’cause I have no socializing to do, I’d be able to write, but nothing’s coming. And I miss my Dad. I had a good cry tonight. Sundays are the hardest. I used to talk to my Dad on Sunday mornings. After the CBS morning show, after my coffee and my newspaper. So now my Sundays feel off.

Today I spent most of the day filling out paperwork for the Probate Court. The initial inventory of assets is due August 24, four months after we (my sister and I) qualified as executors. Those four months went fast. And now I’m stressed about the money, especially since I just sent a check, from my personal funds, to the funeral home to pay for the funeral. ouch. It’s expensive to die. Actually, I guess for the dead, it’s not, it’s expensive for those left living. Not to mention emotionally draining. And in my Dad’s case, he didn’t leave things in good order. As an example, one insurance policy still had my mom as the beneficiary– my mom who died in 1978. So I had to get a copy of her death certificate, which finally came in the mail, so we can make a claim for the insurance funds. But that’s just one tiny example.

Bottom line is this is so overwhelming.

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