Being versus Blogging

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially since returning from BlogHer. So many people there with their laptops blogging away during the welcome speech, tap tap tap. During the panel discussions, tap tap tap. During breakfast, lunch…. tap tap tap… well most of them stopped for drinks poolside in the evening… but you get my drift.

How easy it is to get obsessive about this whole blog thing like Sheila. I find its a bit like when I got my first “real” camera (an SLR Pentax) and all of the sudden instead of being in the moment of things, I was picturing how the scene would look through the lens of a camera. In one way I was seeing things in a different way, maybe more artistic. In another way, I was too busy setting up the shot that I wasn’t enjoying the scene at the moment.

When I started working on my creative non-fiction piece, Reconstructing My Mother, the same thing happened. Every conversation I had with anyone about my mother was potential fodder for an essay soon to be submitted to my Read and Critique group. This still happens by the way, so watch what you say about my mother!

So, is everything we do a blogable event? Do we pass up activities so we can blog? Do we stay up too late writing posts, cruising other blogs, posting comments, tracking back?

How obsessive are you about your blog?

5 thoughts on “Being versus Blogging

  1. It’s interesting but I’ve been thinking about something along these lines as well since Blogher…specifically how much the topic of identity came up, and how quickly people defined themselves or others by their blog content.I have a food blog, and I love great food…but I’m WAY more than just this. I spend the majority of my time during a regular week online. I love reading blogs and other news/info sites, I have more than one blog that I write on, AND I run an Internet based business. When I attend events with other people I’m very happy to leave the laptop behind!!! Some things to ponder…are people toting laptops during conferences for (a) the chance to geek out, (b) a way to avoid talking, (c) to feel like the can participate by documenting, (d) because it’s a blog conference and they don’t know what else to do?:-DI posed the idea to Blogher planners that they consider having more interactive sessions where attendees can push the envelope by doing group projects/activities. Maybe looking at new ways to create content with a hands-on approach?I think this type of conference could be a great opportunity to challenge bloggers to break out of their norm and do something different. But maybe I’m expecting too much!


  2. The first real blogger I knew (when it was called “blogging”) had a great shirt that said “I’m blogging this.” and she really was. I do sometimes think “this is going to be my blog post” but since my blog is pretty specialized it’s easier I think.


  3. Well, I think you know where I stand on this issue. =) Thanks for linking to me!I thought I might find myself detaching from the “now” to think about how I might blog about daily events, but so far that hasn’t happened. I just stay up late writing and rereading and obsessing instead.Yeah, I lead an exciting life.


  4. Since i’m a new blogger and still learning what can be written and what would be interesting to write about i actually spend more time cruising other blogs to learn writing styles, how they hook/conclude/describe etcetera.But blogging has become an obsession, i check up on blogs two or three times a day, when i have conversations with people i wonder if something will be said that i can blog…i jot things down in my writer’s notebook that i can detail into the blog later. So yes, blogging consumes the life of the blogger. But i dont think it’s neccessarily a bad thing! ;).


  5. Oh, everything is bloggable, for sure. Except for the stuff that’s just not. Am I sounding nonsensical yet? ; ) I have spent waaay too many a late night cruising Le Interweb. But it’s fun! right? So until I get cancer of the eyes, or I throw my slooow as molasses laptop out a window, I’ll keep pushing the bedtime envelope. šŸ™‚


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