Why I Hate Condos Reason #187

My sister is Back East dealing with my Dad’s estate. Specifically trying to clean out the Condo. So we can sell it. So we can pay the IRS. Fun, I know. And it’s her birthday today. Fortunately my Uncle Bill aka Tio Willy is there helping her.

ANYWAY, as I mentioned it is a condo. We were hoping to have an estate sale. Not that we thought we’d get a bunch of money from the stuff, but rather it seemed an easier way to move things out than just hauling it away. And a couple hundred bucks would be nice to have to pay for the airline flights, the rental cars, the hotel rooms, the meals out, the extra cell phone minutes…

So back to the CONDO. They have stupid rules. You can’t put up signs advertising an estate sale. You can have an estate sale, you just can’t tell everyone where it is. You can put up a little 3×5 card, I guess on the bulletin board, but that is only on Mondays. You can’t put up a sign on a Wednesday. Only Mondays. Mondays is the index card sign day. And don’t get me started on when you can use the elevator for hauling stuff… that’s a whole nother issue.

PS it’s my sister’s birthday today. She’s not having fun on her birthday… any ideas on what I can do for her when she comes back??

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