Call for San Diego Bloggers

ATTENTION all 3 people who read my blog:

Dan Gillmor, a blogger (also author of the book “We the Media”) and head of a small nonprofit working to enhance citizen media, contacted me for help in getting the word out about this project, Strong Angel.

Basically Dan is part of a team of people coming together to experiment in how to better respond to disasters. Dan’s part of the team is looking for efficient ways to communicate and get services to folks who may really be in need in the event of a disaster.

This sounds like a fascinating project, especially given some of the relief efforts spearheaded via blogs post Hurricaine Katrina.

2 thoughts on “Call for San Diego Bloggers

  1. Sounds really cool- I love the way bloggers want to give back and help and I think this is such an amazing way to do so.


  2. I agree with amanda b. – before BlogHer, I never knew about the large-scale impact bloggers are having around the world. My vision was limited to the smaller scale stories, and usually just the ones that affected ME somehow. This sounds like a great project!


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