The Secret is Out…

Considering that (a) only three people read my blog and (b) publishers are not taking numbers to see who gets to offer me a book deal, the fact that I am good writer is pretty much a well-kept secret.

Now before you (all three of you) get too excited, no I wasn’t offered a book deal. I was, however, asked to contribute a post over at about my experience buying a car. I’ll update you when it goes live.

If you haven’t heard about this site, check it out. “The Ask, Inc. web site is a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics.” The panel of automotive experts are all women too. I am absolutely enamored with the site, not because I’m a car afficionado, but because the business model is genius. Heck, the fact that they have a business model and not just a buy out strategy is genius!

yahootiniI met Jody DeVere sipping Yahootinis at Blogher 2006 last month. We had some great discussions around the table about women, and given the nature of the AskPatty website (which started as a blog to test the market) the talk turned to car buying. Everyone had a story.

The team over at AskPatty is not only creating great online content to educate women, they are harnessing the buying power of those women to make changes in the auto industry. Specifically, they are offering a sort of Good-Housekeeping-Like Seal of Approval for dealers that tow the line.

Car dealerships can subscribe to the online service by completing the Ask Patty ‘female friendly’ certified dealer training program. Women consumers can search for certified dealerships in the newly launched version of Ask Patty.

Dealers that become ‘female friendly’ certified can expect an increase in car sales to women and an improvement in their retention and loyalty ratings from women consumers. Certified Dealers will display the Ask Patty logo on co-branded marketing and advertising campaigns. Additionally, dealers will be able to link their websites to which will provide a new source of qualified women consumers who consider Ask Patty a trusted brand.

So next time you buy a car, and are looking for a dealer, look for the AskPatty sign. And stop first at the AskPatty website, do a little research, read my post, and maybe ask a question or two from their team of experts.

2 thoughts on “The Secret is Out…

  1. Thank you for the great post and KUDO’s on Ask Patty! It was great meeting you and I can’t wait until your car buying story posts on the Ask Patty blog!Jody,


  2. Coolio! Looking forward to reading it.Now if only AskPatty can find a way to get Toyota to deal on the Prius and other cars in hot demand.


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