Let’s Fly Naked!

Shoes, no shoes, liquids, no liquids, gels, no gels. Carry on luggage? Yes. No.
Nail clippers? No. Yes. Pocket knife? No. Yes, if its teeny tiny. Knitting needles? no. Baby food? Yes. The list of TSA restricted/approved items is not only ridiculously long but just plain ridiculous. In these times of airline cutbacks (no more free peanuts, and only “food for purchase” being offered) Now airline passengers are not allowed to bring beverages on board. Not even beverages bought at the airport, which I’m assuming have already been screened if they are being sold on the “secure” side of the checkpoint. Perhaps I’m just naive.

Why is it ok to have baby food but not adult food (or rather drink)? Have you ever had to hang out with me if I’d dehydrated? Let me tell you, I can get downright cranky. I feel really bad for those flight attendants, who in order to line the pockets of the company execs have taken some serious pay cuts and more than likely they can not count on the pension plan they were promised now have to put up with cranky unfed dehydrated passengers dinging the damn bell everytime they want a water refill. Flying just can’t be fun anymore.

Of course I’m also a bit of a conspiracy theorists. It seems a little convenient that as W’s approval ratings have tanked, we all of the sudden have a new threat, and gee isn’t it a good thing we’re out there fighting the war on terrorism. HEY, how ’bout we conduct ourselves in a manner that doesn’t piss everyone off?? Why do we expect every other country to be concerned about “world opinion” but we don’t give a hooey?

So my plan for the future…. let’s be nice to everyone and Let’s Fly Naked!


Something insightful

Not. Nothing. I have a serious case of writers block. Bloggers block even. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m sad. Feeling rather alone here these days. My roommate’s out of town, my sister’s out of town, my best friend lives in LA, my other best friend is on a business trip. You’d think with all this extra time, ’cause I have no socializing to do, I’d be able to write, but nothing’s coming. And I miss my Dad. I had a good cry tonight. Sundays are the hardest. I used to talk to my Dad on Sunday mornings. After the CBS morning show, after my coffee and my newspaper. So now my Sundays feel off.

Today I spent most of the day filling out paperwork for the Probate Court. The initial inventory of assets is due August 24, four months after we (my sister and I) qualified as executors. Those four months went fast. And now I’m stressed about the money, especially since I just sent a check, from my personal funds, to the funeral home to pay for the funeral. ouch. It’s expensive to die. Actually, I guess for the dead, it’s not, it’s expensive for those left living. Not to mention emotionally draining. And in my Dad’s case, he didn’t leave things in good order. As an example, one insurance policy still had my mom as the beneficiary– my mom who died in 1978. So I had to get a copy of her death certificate, which finally came in the mail, so we can make a claim for the insurance funds. But that’s just one tiny example.

Bottom line is this is so overwhelming.

Hey LeahPeah!

Hey Leahpeah (I had to say it again so I could link) Did you know your blog sent 187 people to my blog this month so far? That means that WAY more than 187 people actually read your blog, and that I have WAY too much time on my hands if I’m worried about tracking stats on my little blog!

But seriously. That is a bit intimidating. Like maybe I should write something incredibly insightful and meaningful to entice these 187 people to come back and play. Instead, I’m using up my creative brain cells at work. The brain cells that work on automatic pilot for things like breathing and eating and sleeping are working just fine. But the creative ones are tired by the time I get home. I’ve spent the day (with the exception of an email here or there) writing about welding. This week its been about helmets, welding helmets, auto-darkening welding helmets to be specific. Oh, and I also wrote about nozzles (front end parts for TIG Torches), but you can’t read that until the article comes out in Practical Welding Today.

So maybe I’ll write something inspirational tomorrow.

I Rock!

After a few hours of pulling out my hair, searching google, and every How-To-HTML website out there I finally figured it out…. how to actually make a Form work, specifically a Contact Us form, or even more specifically a Talk To Me form. I haven’t incorporated it into the front end navigation yet, but feel free to test it out and let me know if its working. In case you missed it, that link is:

Talk To Me!

comments are cool too.

Blogher Post #2

I had all these grand ideas about blogging some of what I learned at Blogher, writing about the cool people I met there, some of whom are now on the side bar, but he writing thing, well, that really hasn’t happened.

I got to Blogher by volunteering on the Audio team, our mission was to record all the panel discussions and workshops to be turned into podcasts. Cool idea, and since I am interested in audio (I’m an NPR-O-Holic with dreams of getting a story on This American Life) I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn a bit about how this thing is done. And I did. I learned, but most of all I just jumped in there and did it. I looked cool (ok, I looked like a dork but I felt cool) sitting at the controls, head phones on, tinkering with and monitoring input levels. As if I knew what I were doing HA! Well, it did make me brave enough to pull out my new M-Audio Micro Trak Digital recorder and interview some fellow Bloghers. The question was “Why do you blog?” and here are some answers, edited into a little soundprint called Why Blog (mp3 format). Not sure this is the best way to do this, I think I can make it so a little player shows up here in this post, and you can play when you click, but I haven’t learned that part yet. So you’ll just have to click on the MP3 and launch your own audio player. It’s under 2 minutes and about 500K.

Thanks to the following Bloghers for lending me their voices:

Life After Breakfast
Her Bad Mother
Fire on the Poop Deck
Jennster and
Susan at 2020Hindsight

apologies for the creative yet not perfect editing… my first turn with Audacity.

Bad Kitty Mommy

.Fiesta Kitty
I admit it, I’m a bad kitty mommy. It’s not that I don’t love my cat. Truly I do. In fact, I’m the only one who does. Which makes it even worse…

A little over a year ago she was diagnosed with diabetes. Feline Diabetes. So I had to give her insulin shots twice a day. I was diligent. I researched. I changed her food… I got up and out of bed at 6 am every morning to give her a shot. And I only stabbed myself with the needle twice! And her BG levels went down. (BG is blood glucose for those not so diabetes savvy folks out there).

Then the UTIs started. That’s urinary tract infection for those not urinary-tract-savvy folks out there. It was a mess. Literally. And we were all miserable. So I took her to the vet each and every time. She didn’t like the first medicine. She actually threw it up even though the vet said it was the right one for the type of infection it was based on the lab re$ult$. It was bad. We changed medicine. Problem was that only worked for a short time and I ended up at the vet again, and again and again. And then the Veterinary $pecialty Ho$pital which cost me a lot of money. Thank god I had it, but now, I don’t…. which brings me to the next bad kitty mommy example. I never did get her in for a follow up (Read my posts about my dad, and you’ll know why). The only good news here was her BG levels were too low, so I got to take her off of insulin, and sleep until 7 am.

And finally, bad kitty mommy example number 3. My cat has trouble walking. Which may be damage from the diabetes. Or arthritis, or could be because she is a Maine Coon and has hip displaysia. and I’ve been hesitant to take her in because of the money issue, especially when they start saying words like MRI, but now I don’t have a choice becuase the UTI is back, and her legs aren’t getting any better, and it makes me cry when she tries to jump up onto the sofa to hang out with me and she can’t. Truth is I haven’t wanted to deal with it because I am afraid that she will have to be put down or something and I don’t think I can handle that right now.