This just gives me chills

I met this gal at the Blogher conference (I know, I know, shut up about that conference already, would ya!) But seriously, Amanda rocks.
Here she is singing a capella, one of my favorite songs. AND she does it well.

I’m inspired! don’t worry, I won’t sing, but I am working on putting some AUDIO up, the result of playing with my new digital audio recorder that I love. Stay tuned. Maybe tomorrow. Darn these weekends are too short!

2 thoughts on “This just gives me chills

  1. I completely agree with you. Amanda rocks! But, are you aware that she likes to sing to people on the toilet? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) Seriously, I’m so inspired I am now considering taking my radio with me everytime I go to the bathroom. Seriously, I was so disappointed I missed Blogher I’m happy to experience any little crumb anyone is willing to share. Amanda is great. And funny. Thanks for sharing her!


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