Skyline Drive

I’ve been missing my dad a lot today. It’s Sunday. I miss talking to my dad on Sundays. Not that we ever had much to say, which is funny because we had a lot in common. Too much. So much it scares me. So much that it inspires me to clean out my closet, and take things to the Goodwill, which I did yesterday. Still more to go, I might add.

Anyway, so here’s a couple of photos. Times were good then, even if I did have Farrah hair. And big glasses. yikes.

These were taken at Skyline Drive in Virginia, circa 1980…

It’s funny, I totally remember that day, the way the crispy Fall air tasted like apple cider, and caramel. I remember those overalls. I loved them. And that red sweater with a hood was soft.

And me and my Dad were ok. Not perfect, missed my mom, but we were ok.

Jean Berg took the picture. She was cool. I always wished my Dad had married her.

One thought on “Skyline Drive

  1. Very nice picture. You look adorable and your dad is very good looking. I find the more time that passes since my dad died, the harder it beomes. It’s been longer since I’ve seen him so I miss him much more. I think some people feel the more time that passes the easier it should be but it doesn’t necessarily work that way. I miss my dad too…sigh.


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