We the Screenwriter

Don’t you just love it when you’re cruising the internet and start off looking for one thing, and then you click and click and find something really cool?

Well, I was looking at San Diego writerly links, and came across the San Diego Writers Conference, thinking maybe I’ll go this year, maybe I’ll try to get the first 30 pages of my manuscript polished enough to show to an agent, maybe I’ll go rub elbows with editors, maybe…. and then I clicked and I clicked, and I found this:

Michael Steven Gregory is the executive director of the writers conference, and produced another movie that I’ve seen called “We, The Writer” which was pretty cool. And the best part is, he created a new word, “doculogue.” Love that!

One thought on “We the Screenwriter

  1. I would love to go. I have a brand new car with only about 400 miles on it and I’d like nothing more than to use it to drive me towards some inspiration but instead I will be torturing myself with having eight 12-year old girls for my nieces sleepover birthday party. I could probably talk my husband into it if I wasn’t going to be gone for two to three days this week. I think I’ve used up my “love” tokens. (best present my husband ever gave me. A ceramic frog/prince filled with golden tokens and a card – “visting in-laws for dinner, 4 tokens, all day visits, 8 tokens, a day of shopping, 10 tokens,” etc.)


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