You can’t make this stuff up…

I was thinking about writing something meaningful, showcasing my indignance over this whole Foley affair, but I’ll save my political ramblings for another day.

This article on Washington Post caught my eye. Usually the best stuff in an article appears at the beginning, but in this case, the last paragraph is the best. You just don’t find folks like this in Southern California:

… “It’s all right for some people,” she says. “But, bebe, if you had to pluck and skin and boil your own chicken, after catching it with a shark hook baited with rancid meat, and if the chicken weighed 500 pounds and tried to eat your leg off and then vomited on you, well, you might not want to eat that, either.”

from “Bayou Belle by Birth, Gator Trapper by Choice” By Monica Hesse

One thought on “You can’t make this stuff up…

  1. Okay, first things first: EUW.Second, I am trying to imagine a 500 lb. chicken and it seems to me it would be very tall and therefore hard to catch, what with its long chicken legs and all.Why must you put these strange pictures in my head, Jenn? Why, I ask you?


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