end of an era? changes in the wind for SanDiegoBlog

Joe C. moved away from San Diego awhile ago. We miss him and his lovely wife Leahpeah a lot… he has been kind enough to keep SanDiegoBlog going, along with WebSanDiego and SanDiegoBloggers (which he sold off last month).

So the last of the SanDiego properties, SanDiegoBlog, is now up for sale.

Here’s the dilema. I want to buy it, but I’m not sure I can make it worth the monetary investment, specifically I’m not sure I have the time to invest to make it worth the investment.

Aside from my job, which takes up a good portion of my day, I am working on a book, a memoir (I usually say very creative mostly non-fiction). I’ve got a good portion done, and am now revising, compiling all my work into a first draft, and hopefully getting a book proposal together for the Feb. 2007 San Diego Writers Conference.

I have two other blogs I neglect…
and there’s all the other ideas I have, like a class on how to blog for San Diego Writers Ink, a multi-media one-woman show of my memoir, Reconstructing my Mother… some ideas I have for audio production… a painting I want to do….

any thoughts? advice? encouraging words? discouraging words?

UPDATE: I took a pass on SanDiegoBlog. I may or may not continue to post over there, and I’m totally ok with that. So, I guess that means I’m back to working on my book… stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “end of an era? changes in the wind for SanDiegoBlog

  1. While I would love to say “throw caution to the wind…go for it” I simply cannot. Successful people know when to say “enough’s enough.” If you’re not willing to give up a project or two (and you’ve come a long way on all of them) then I think you need to say “nein.” Or is it “nien?” Crimony! I’m dyslexic even in German!


  2. I obviously have a full-disclosure issue with your decision, but I would say “do what feels right – even if it’s hard” — it’s been very hard for me to even CONSIDER letting go of these projects, but in the fullness of time, there will be other projects for me. My hope is for the things I build to go on in some meaningful way.


  3. I want to read your creative memoir. i.e. time spent on other projects might not make that as possible as soon and this IS about me isn’t it?


  4. Looks like I might be looking for a new career/business after the first of the year. I actually thought of thinking of thinking of asking about buying San Diego Blog but what do I know? Nothing. And, what do I have? Little. But I guess I could do it…but would I make any money doing it? And how? Is it possible? I need to make at least a little bit of money. What do you think?


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