How much stuff do we need?

So, Black Friday has come and gone. I almost managed to stay away from the malls, but a leather jacket on sale for $50 enticed me to stop at Fashion Valley on the way home from taking my sister to the airport… at 10:30 pm. A great time to shop, by the way. The parking lot was clear, there were no crowds to deal with, but the store looked like a hurricaine went through it. And of course they didn’t have the style I wanted in my size.

You can’t see me shaking my head right now, but I am just thinking about it. I worked retail many years ago. When The Broadway was still alive. It was a second job for me so that I could earn extra money for a two month trip to Europe. The rudeness and messiness of people annoyed me then, but I swear it’s gotten worse. I mean when did it become ok to, oh, say knock some shirt or sweater on the floor and pretend you don’t see it, and walk away for some overworked eight dollar an hour employee to pick up? Seriously people. Will it kill you to bend over? to take a minute to hang it back up on the hanger? to just TRY to fold it back up and place it on the shelf?

And really, when you think about it, how much stuff do we really need? Do I really NEED a leather jacket? Sure it would be nice, and yeah, I got rid of (donated) my old pink puffy fiber-filled ski jacket and my fake leather jacket… but trust me, I won’t freeze this winter.

To be honest, I have boxes in the garage that I never unpacked when I moved into this place 2 years ago. And more coming as my sister and I divy up the remains of my Dad’s life. Just thinking about finding space for all the new stuff makes me start to hyperventilate.

However, if you must buy me a present, consider my Amazon wish list…. linked in the sidebar of this very blog… or better yet, give me a call, let’s go for a walk, have a coffee, take a class together, visit a museum, an art gallery…

One thought on “How much stuff do we need?

  1. Ahhh, Jenn, I will never forget and better yet have often told the story of when I was leaving for my year of traveling the world and I told you everything I own could fit in your bathroom, and you replied, “Now that’s freedom.”


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