Tagged. Why am I doing this?

It’s the blogosphere’s answer to a chain letter… a meme or a meme wannabe in the making. Sheila of GetSheila.com “tagged” me which means (a)I’m supposed to post in response to being tagged. and (b) I’m supposed to pass it on and I’m supposed to post the rules.

My post:

1. Like Sheila I count things. Mostly stairs and steps
2. I play air piano along with the music even though I’ve never learned piano
3. I imagine flying my car off a cliff, not in a suicide attempt, but rather in an attempt to be airborn… to fly. Of course I know this will not work, and I would die, so I don’t do it.
4. I wait until the last minute to do almost everything. Then I stress over it and freak out. Doesn’t matter what it is: paying a bill (thank god for online bill pay); making an appointment to get my hair done; writing an article/essay; etc.
5. I hate to shop. Really. Mostly because I hate to spend money AND because I usually know what I want, and then of course I can’t find it so it becomes an exercise in frustration.
6. And speaking of exercise… when I do exercise my face turns bright red and freaks out aerobics instructors.

Passing it On:

Thats all. I don’t know if I have 6 blog people but I’ll give it a shot… Jesleahpeah…and um, while we’re at it Joeterri (because she really needs to write a new blog post) and Jill the Muse (because she really needs to write a new blog post too) and last, but certainly not least, dear Ralph, so he too will learn the joys of the blogosphere. Sorry guys.

Remember, this is like a chain letter. You may ignore it if you like, or just do the post, no need to pass it on.

The rules:

Post a blog with your six weird habits/ things as well as the rules/ instructions;
Add to your blog a list of your six victims to be tagged;
Leave a comment for your six victims that says “You are tagged! Read my blog” (but you cannot tag the person who tagged you).

8 thoughts on “Tagged. Why am I doing this?

  1. This totally sounds way too hard during the holidays.My weird habit? Being a contrarian!Seriously though, have a great holiday!


  2. I could swear I already commented on this post. Hm. Well, at the risk of repeating myself and then adding on:Thanks for being such a good sport! It was evil of me to tag you, I know. But I did enjoy reading about your weirdness.


  3. errr. uh. oops. Yes, Sheila, you commented already… Sorry I hit the “reject” button in error, and you just cant UN do that…and was too embarassed to email you and tell you.


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