Say a prayer for Keri

Debby’s friend Keri is not doing well. She’s in the hospital and has been for the last 6 days. She can’t eat. She can’t talk. She can’t see.

Keri has ovarian cancer… cancer that has metastisized. Spread. It’s in her brain now and they couldn’t get it all with Gamma Knife like they were able to do for Debby. So they had to do brain surgery. And radiation. And chemo… and it hasn’t helped and it totally sucks and its unfair and I’m glad its not my sister Debby. I wish it weren’t Keri either, but I’m really glad its not my sister.

So in the midst of all the ho ho hos and and nog drinking, raise a glass and say a little prayer for Keri. And even if your family drives you crazy, enjoy the moments you have with them.

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