Miracles are a rare thing. Too rare. Keri passed away last night.

Neither chemotherapy nor radiation, Tibetan singing bowls nor prayer circles were enough to save her, to summon a miracle. She was surrounded by love and I hope that made her transition easier, more peaceful.

I’m sad that I didn’t know her better, that my sister lost a friend. They met in the chemo lounge, each connected up via an IV drip to their own special concoction of drugs. (My sister can make friends wherever she goes!) It turned out that Keri’s parents lived in my granddad’s neighborhood, just a few doors around the corner. And a few doors from Dr. Bernstein, their oncologist…. they all got to know each other because of cancer. Debby and Keri soon became friends regardless of the cancer, in spite of Cancer.

If Debby didn’t have cancer they would never have met. She would not have lost a friend… Debby would never have known the difference. Keri would not have mattered.

But she did matter. And I can’t help but think that maybe my sister has a special angel looking out for her now.

4 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. I’m so sorry. I know you did not know her well but it is still very sad when people die. Your sister must be missing her so much right now.


  2. I’m so sorry Jenn. I wish there was more I could say. Or do. I’ve been MIA – grandmother gravely sick, in the hospital; plus holiday hangover. Would love to go for sushi (or “whatever”) maybe after next week if you’re available and things here stabilize. Again, I’m sorry you and Debby have been touched by this loss and sadness. Take care….


  3. Here is my two cents. You were very kind to post about my blog recently. You seem like a very strong person and during times of challenges there are no real good words to say other than support those most impacted after about 2 to 3 months when people stop supporting them and get back to their normal lives.


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