I still love Leah

Even though Leah Peah didn’t participate in my Tag You’re It post. These things are silly anyway (sorry Sheila). I think I only did it because I was looking for something to post anyway, and why not reveal my weirdness??

So 2007 has come. I spent the last week cleaning my room. I polished my wooden bookshelves with lemon oil, and because I bought a new matress– the first new matress I’ve ever owned in my life– I had the opportunity to vacuum really well under said old matress before the new one was delivered. And while I was at it, I vacuumed in all the corners and crevices. And while I had the vacuum out, I decided to go get some of those Space Bags so I could free up some linen closet space. What fun it is to pack those bags and suck all the air out rendering them flat! Yes, I lead an exciting life. But seriously, it feels good to start the new year off with a very clean room, and space in my closet.

And while I was going through my closet, I pulled out more things for Good Will: a sweater I inadvertently put in the dryer (which had linted up my black jeans but good), a shoe rack, a sheet set and a couple of blankets (don’t worry I still have linens for guests), some shoes which although they may be really cute are horrendously uncomfortable. Over the next few days, these items will make it from the reading loft to the trunk of my car, and hopefully end up at the Good Will before long. It sure feels good to get it out of my room.

I still have paper work to go through, but I did manage to sort out a lot of things into various piles: recycling pile, shredding pile, and the I still need to deal with this stuff pile. It’s a work in progress.

So here’s to 2007, and all the possibilities! especially now that I have room!

3 thoughts on “I still love Leah

  1. i want to use those large bags! everytime i see the commercial i get all excited and joe looks at me like i’m molting but man! they look awesome. i love organizing. *sigh*


  2. They are SO cool. My down comforter that barely fit in the shelf of my linen closet is like paper thin now. OK, maybe its like 3 inches tall, but still, from haveing to smush it in to having it lay nice and flat is an awesome thing. My roomie thinks I’m nuts too. I kept asking her if she wanted to vacuum pack anything.


  3. Donating to the Goodwill is a good idea. I really like the smell of lemon polish on wood.I hope all the best possibilities happen for you.


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