Amy Wallen and Me at the Semi Permanent Ink Spot

get outta my way I'm gettin' some wine This is a picture of me at Amy Wallen’s book launch party. No, I don’t have a picture of Amy, this is my blog. It’s all about me!

Seriously… it really was all about Amy Wallen, and her book MoonPies and Movie Stars… as it should be. Amy is the hostess of First Friday Open Mic a production of San Diego Writers Ink, which is where you’ll find me most first Fridays of the month. Amy is a terrific hostess/emcee even if she is a bit anal about the 3 minute rule. She is also a great writer, which I knew before I read the book because I’d heard bits and pieces read pre-publication at said open mics and at writing workshops I’ve attended with Amy. Beyond that I would consider Amy a friend, and I can’t tell you how happy I am for her. She has put in the time and done the hard work and written a book I can heartily recommend.

Ruby Kincaid, bowling alley owner extraordinaire, sets off to California hot on the tail of her daughter Violet, who left Devine Texas four years earlier…. to complicate matters she doesn’t know how to get in touch with Violet, who had been recently spotted on the t.v. as the new Buttermaid (it’s better made). Along for the ride is Ruby’s her crazy carousing sister Loralva (so she can get on The Price is Right) and Imogene, Violet’s mother-in-law (who’s a sour puss but has the Winnebago for travelling and the money)… then there’s Bubbie and Bunny, the kids Violet had left behind.
Moonpies and Movie Stars has been reviewed now in the LA Times, and the Washington Post (A World Gone Madcap by Louis Bayard)so I won’t do a review here, but I will say she has written what I consider to be one of the best sentences ever:

“Aunt Loralva says let’s get a move on– Hollywood, California here we come!” Ruby’s heart stopped somewhere between Hollywood and California. It snagged on the comma.

I just love that line, “It snagged on the comma.” Get this book. It’s fun. And you’ll want to eat a Moonpie…. even if they do taste a bit like sugar covered cardboard.

4 thoughts on “Amy Wallen and Me at the Semi Permanent Ink Spot

  1. Remember to savor your MoonPies and always roll your bowling ball a little off center! Author of MoonPies and Movie Stars here. Tell your local bookstore to request a reading and I’ll be there! Dallas would be a hoot.


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