Very Zen Amanda

OK, I know some of my readers (one of the three of you out there– Hi Uncle Bill!) probably think I am all hip and savvy about this blog thing, like I’m in the know, but the truth, I am pretty clueless. Well at least oblivious to the behind the scenes emailing and cyberstalking and ugly commenting that goes on. Those people don’t read my blog. Thank god. I suppose if my blog were more popular I might get some of that. Or not. Who knows why people do the things they do.

I met Amanda, Just Amanda, of Very Zen last July at Blogher. I didn’t really know she was one of those quazi-popular bloggers… she just seemed like a nice gal, and I checked out her blog and she has a quick wit and a heck of singing voice, so I dropped in on occassion. Well, apparently she’s had enough.

So… So long Just Amanda. Wishing you well….

3 thoughts on “Very Zen Amanda

  1. Oh, that’s sad, but sometimes, that’s how it has to be. I am lucky to not have had the haters all over me, and I’m sorry that she had to experience that. May her offline life be well and full.


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