San Diego Blogger Awards

Doing my duty here as a responsible citizen of the blogosphere, and a little shameless plug for myself and my own little blog: is requesting nominees for the San Diego
Blogger Awards
– Blogs to Watch in 2007…..

….. [Email] ….. blogs [at] with the category and URL of the blog you nominate. Any additional notes or insight into why you nominate each blog
would be greatly appreciated.

The site says on February 28th, 2007 the nominees will be posted and finalists chosen, so I’m not sure what the deadline is for nominations….

Anyway, if you want to nominate me, go ahead. And if it will persuade at all, you might be interested to know that the only thing I’ve ever won is a kite flying contest in the second grade. I had the most beautiful kite. It was made of pink gift wrapping paper and my mom helped me cut out flowers made of yellow, white and blue tissue paper to glue to the front of it. Unfortunately it only flew for just one moment. One glorious moment before it came crashing down to earth, suffering structural damage that could not be repaired in the field… sigh…

Complete info the San Diego Blogger awards can be found on the SanDiegoBloggers website. I’m thinkng my category would be Personal Blogs and Writing. I wish it were Travel and Adventure, but I have not been doing much of that lately… maybe next year.

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