Did I choose purple or did purple choose me?

I just discovered this purple women group, and realized I am in fact purple myself, evidenced by my last post. The work is one I created in 2001.

And now I have a definition for what purple is… and it appears I fit the bill, having no children.

Growing up I always assumed that I would marry and have children. Afterall, isn’t this what little girls do? grow up, get married, and have children.

I’ve always believed that having children, raising children, is a huge responsibility. One that should not be taken lightly. It’s a responsibility I believe is better to undertake with a partner.
So, at this point, even if I am fortunate enough to find a nice boy to settle down with, I’m thinking bio-babies are out of the question.

And I’m ok with that. I never had a yearning for babies. And lord knows there’s plenty of other people out there who have the emotional tools to become great parents.

4 thoughts on “Did I choose purple or did purple choose me?

  1. You are the only other woman I have ever met (and hey, we actually did meet!) that does not yearn to have children. Except my sisters. We always thought it was something in the household water. 🙂


  2. It is fun to be self-defined, Purple, childfree and lovin’ it!The pallate and poem mixed medium that you created to celebrate our Proud to be Purple holiday on March 4th is lovely. I hope your post and link will help other Purple Women & Friends discover us.Thank you and welcome to the group!


  3. Thanks Teri… just to clarify, I did not create the purple pallate FOR the holiday, in fact, I created it in 2001…. I just happened upon your blog, and being a lover of purple (the color) was amazed to find out that I am a Purple Woman too! sort of a serrendipitous encounter / discovery.


  4. I am very happy to find other women not yearning for children. I never have and was thrilled when I realized that it actually was my choice to do so!Purple has always been my favorite color so I admit to being tickled when I found this site 🙂


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