First Fridays March Missives

In case you missed March’s First Friday at The Grove, hosted by San Diego Writers, Ink, you can hear the stories here…. no, not here, here, on

Be sure to check out the soon to be classics, “Foreskins” by Eber Lambert… “Big Wheel Depravation” by James Spring, and of course, “Geckos” by yours truly… Enjoy!

Oh, and Victoria did an entire 3 minutes in second person. Very impressive, “When Crazy Taps You on the Shoulder.”


Last year my neighbor lost both his dogs– within about 6 months of each other. He’d had them both since puppyhood. He taught them tricks. They were good dogs.

So now my neighbor got a puppy. Jaegger… not sure how to spell it, it’s like Jaeggermeister, but Jaegger means hunter in German.
ANYWAY, this is an old old picture. Puppy is about a month older now. This is the first day he came to live with Kevin.
He is an Australian Cattle Dog– Jaegger, not Kevin.
Kevin went out to Alpine or some other godforsaken town east of here to go LOOK at the puppies. This little guy was the last one. He was in a kennel. The breeder didn’t let him hang with his puppy brothers and sisters because she didn’t want them to bond. Because somehow it would be harder when they were given away. Also, she never loved on the puppies… she didn’t want to bond with them. This poor guy had never walked on grass before! Kevin is such a softie. I think he would have bought all the puppies if they were there.

A Vintage Sewing Pattern Give-Away

So, I have these vintage sewing patterns. I posted a mention over at Leahpeah’s blog, and Leah said she’s interested in a couple of the Vogue patterns. Then Andrea emailed me and said she was interested… so I took pictures of the rest of them and offered them to her. And she’s claimed a couple. The rest are up for grabs.

They will be mailed to you at no charge. I do not want payment. I think they are only worth a couple of dollars and mostly I want to make sure they go to someone who will use them.
I would ask that in return, you send a photo of the finished product you create….

This one is one of my favorites.
I imagined myself wearing this dress dashing around the streets of Paris….
on my way to an important meeting.
To meet an important man.
And I look stunning.
In reality, I wandered Paris with my sister.
I mostly wore jeans.
And instead of a sassy scarf,
I wore a backpack
slung over my shoulder.
Tres chic. Quelle fromage!

This one gal in the gray pantsuit her leg kicked,
flicked. Out to the side,
displays a certain joi d’vivre.
I picture myself wearing the
white fringed pantsuit. (far right)

Where’s the party?

So I’m offering them here to you, dear readers. If you’d like to claim one or more, Contact Me. First come, first served.

You can see all the vintage sewing pattern photos at Flickr. I’ve noted “Claimed by…” in the photo description.