Last year my neighbor lost both his dogs– within about 6 months of each other. He’d had them both since puppyhood. He taught them tricks. They were good dogs.

So now my neighbor got a puppy. Jaegger… not sure how to spell it, it’s like Jaeggermeister, but Jaegger means hunter in German.
ANYWAY, this is an old old picture. Puppy is about a month older now. This is the first day he came to live with Kevin.
He is an Australian Cattle Dog– Jaegger, not Kevin.
Kevin went out to Alpine or some other godforsaken town east of here to go LOOK at the puppies. This little guy was the last one. He was in a kennel. The breeder didn’t let him hang with his puppy brothers and sisters because she didn’t want them to bond. Because somehow it would be harder when they were given away. Also, she never loved on the puppies… she didn’t want to bond with them. This poor guy had never walked on grass before! Kevin is such a softie. I think he would have bought all the puppies if they were there.

5 thoughts on “Puppies!

  1. OHHHH–what a sweetie! My cousin has two AC dogs (aka Texas Heelers) and they are awesome dogs. They’re scary-smart, but awesome dogs.


  2. What is this Texas heeler B.S.? I have had one,liked her very much, the aussie side has a calming effect. but they are mutts! Good ones but mutts. Its odd to see all the urbanites cashin in. If some one wants to show me a breed standard, I’ll eat my words. remember; Texicans can screw up a two car funeral….


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