What about that radio show?

Of course I should be working on my book… but I have 6 more days to generate 60 pages. Cake, right? hah!!

Anyway, Regarding my Audio Audition over at the Public Radio Talent Quest…. Creativity is… you may recall my mini doculogue movie from a while ago of the same title I used some of that audio and re-worked it, laid down a background music track — me on guitar, Julie on harmonica– and framed it with some commentary:

When you think of creativity, of people you consider creative, if you’re like most people you think of artists: writers, painters, sculptors, poets, dancers,
… musicians

maybe you even think of crafters, you know, those people in your life that can take a piece of string and a paperclip and with McGyver like skill turn it into something useful like a doorstop, or a potholder.

Now I can hear you shaking your head even before I make this next statement, but…
I believe EVERYBODY is creative.



Even you.

You probably just don’t recognize what you do as creative.

That’s where I come in.

Come along with me as I get to know artists, writers, musicians,

and business owners, scientists, teachers, engineers, carpenters, moms, bankers, pet sitters

Creative people from all walks of life

So it is done. It is what it is. I’m happy with my submission. Maybe it will turn to naught but another clip for my blog… or the start of my new radio show or podcast, or whatever. Just a reminder… you can listen to Creativity Is and vote. You have until June to vote (I’ll remind you again, don’t worry)

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