The real Billy Crystal

billy crystalI could have sworn I checked the spelling.
But somehow my fingers typed the ‘h’ not once,
not twice
but 87 times.
Okay, perhaps that is an exaggeration…

The editor of actually joked (via email to me) that perhaps their spam filter screens for misspellings. yikes. my bad. big bad. I spelled Billy Crystal’s name wrong.

I even rank third in Google Search for “Billy Crystal” misspelled. yikes. cached in The Google for god knows how long. Hopefully with this post, I will rank just as high for the correct spelling of Billy Crystal.

And perhaps, my dream will come true… that Billy Crystal will find my blog (do celebrities google themselves like we do– you know you do, admit it– or do they have “people” to do that for them?).

I did go back and correct the blog post that referenced “Me and Billy Crystal” to the correct spelling, “Billy Crystal,” so maybe he’ll find me now. And listen. And like it. And call me up, say “Hi. This is Billy Crystal. Let’s do coffee.”

Why not me?

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