I’m a Writer

I know I’ve mentioned it before. That I’m a writer. But sometimes I don’t feel like a writer. Yes, I write at work. I’ve published artiles. I write. But there is something extra-specially (writers get to make up words) rewarding about getting your first check. Even if it’s not for much, and it’s not for your great literary work of art, but for a blog post republished, in print and online– at The San Diego Reader:

So yeah, I’m a writer.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Writer

  1. congratulations! you earned the loot and deserve it. some folks have really great taste! may you go from strength to strength!for me, sheer happiness and gratitude regarding pay for work (or work for pay) amounts (hee hee) to something like this: Money we need to pay our bills. Yet money is not all I seek in a project assignment. I ask, does this project match my skill set? Is it worthy of effort (using my value system)? Is it with honest, bright, respectful people? When I say yes to all three questions, it’s a real celebration.And speaking of that, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog post. Our first conversation was about… our moms: present or absent, physically or otherwise. It is complex and made bearable in part by fellow spirits who know… tu sais!xo


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