I’m not the next NPR star


Well, thanks everyone for your votes. The voting has closed. The judging is over. And I did not make the list of top 100 vote getters at the public radio talent quest… nor did I make the list of entries nominated by more than one judge.

I only listened to 200 entries. A few stinkers, a lot of really good entries and a couple of Wows. There is an amazing group of talented people over there at the public radio talent quest. I’d like to think that I made it to the list of 200 entries that were passed on the judges. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I learned a lot in pursuing this.

First and foremost, why not me? In this case I don’t know. Many of the entries were prepared by real live radio professionals. I’m not saying that in a sour grapes kind of way, it’s an honest appraisal. I think I held my own. I learned a lot about putting together a small piece. I got a little more practice using my recording equipment, and using a sound editing program. Although my idea about Creativity Is has been percolating for a while… this project forced me to distill it, formulate the words, and articulate what I was trying to say. What I can still say.

And I know for sure that I would not have won if I had not entered. Ya gotta play to win, right? This is big for me… to actually put stuff out there. To give it a shot. I have to say I am really proud of myself for trying, giving it my best shot.

And you know the adage, “Be careful what you wish for you just might get it….” In this case, it probably is a good thing I did not win. How demanding will Round 2 of the contest be? Round 3? I have a job. A good paying job that I enjoy very much. And I am writing a book. And there are still only 24 hours in a day last time I checked. 6-8 hours for sleeping. 8 hours for work, and 8 hours for friends, family, eating, hanging out, writing, recording, movies, reading, etc.

So, I’ll continue noodling around with audio, working with my friend Rich to produce his short story, work on something audio of my own, or with other fellow writers… maybe I’ll make more sound sculptures, layers of words and music, pieces that wouldn’t really fit into a public radio show format, like this piece called “F_ck, Pause.” https://akajesais.com/soundprints/f_ck.mp3
it may be offensive (I warned you) I was in a weird mood.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and produce a show, Creativity Is, and podcast it, or submit it to public radio via the Public Radio Exchange. Or not.
Oh the ideas they are a flowing….

2 thoughts on “I’m not the next NPR star

  1. Me, neither. Ah, well. We tried. It makes you wonder, “If a different screening committee had heard mine…or at a different time of day…” Eh. So many things all have to fall in place.I agree with you “be careful what you wish for”. They have a lot of work and stress ahead. There might be better ways.I have noticed already a lot of other also-rans making connections and putting other plans into play. It will be interesting to see if something better comes out of that than the rest of the contest.I enjoyed your piece, by the way. But who am I to judge.Jim Barfuss


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