and the hits, they keep a comin’

So now I find out I didn’t get a Leo Love Merit scholarship to the Taos Writers Conference.

No word about the Room of Her Own Foundation scholarship yet, but so far what I have is:

1. Public Radio Talent Quest. Rejected. but seriously, congrats to the round 1 winners
2. Leo Love Merit Scholarship. Rejected.
3. Room of Her Own scholarship… pending… but not hopeful at this point
4. Story submitted to … pending… won’t know until the 22nd

So think happy thoughts. Not sure if I can take 4 rejections in a row. Or at least this close together.

Anyone have any tips on how to toughen up? to not let this stuff get to you? to keep plugging away regardless? to get up and do it again tomorrow and the next day? or how do you know when you’re just kidding yourself?

7 thoughts on “and the hits, they keep a comin’

  1. I can see how you might feel down from all this, but I’m pretty impressed that you’re actually going for these scholarships. That shows confidence. Like they say, rejection is part of the process.


  2. As long as you love what you do, just keep doing it. Didn’t Stephen King get eleventy billion rejections before he finally sold something? Yes, I am pretty sure he did. You are awesome. Just keep having fun!*insert awesome cheerleader move here*


  3. If it makes you feel any better, I once got rejected from a rejection letter submission contest. They were compiling a book of rejection letters and I thought ‘now that’s my kind of party’. I didn’t get accepted–Talk about crown prince of fools.rjb


  4. I’m with getsheila. If you love what you’re doing, keep doing what you’re doing. Consider this your skin-thickening and bio-building phase. P.S. “Bird by Bird” arrived on my doorstep. Excited to dig in!


  5. thanks everyone for being my own little cheerleading squad… I may call on you again!neil: yeah, I act “as if” I have confidence… some days it workssheila: i’d like to see that awesome cheerleader move… can you put it up on YouTube?rich: you crack me up. littlepurplecow: the trick is to not let the skin get too thick, lest you stop caring :-)and Bird by Bird rocks. thanks for the reminder. I think I ‘ll pick it up again.andDeezee: thanks for stopping by. I will surely pass along any tips I discover. Hope to see you LA Bloggers Live…


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