See Me Live

Thursday, June 28.

Yes, I know I am not based in L.A.

HOWEVER, I do read some L.A. Bloggers like LeahPeah, and CitizenoftheMonth (although I may have to stop reading that one since Neil called me a narcissistic fool)

BESIDES, there’s no cool blogging stuff like this happening in San Diego since Joe and Leah moved “up there,” so I’m going.

And if you show up you’ll get to hear me live, along with:

Erin from Queen of Spain

Joe from Artlung

Lynda from One Day at a Time

Deezee from Confessional Highway

Neil from Citizen of the Month

Abigail from My Life According to Me

Maybe I’ll steal the idea and bring it to San Diego.

Or maybe you’ll just have to catch me in LA.

And tell an LA friend. The club, the Tangier Lounge looks cool.

SO. Should I do a reprise of the Me and Billy Crystal audio blog? guaranteed to bring the crowd to tears – OR – something about Barbie and pert boobs?

2 thoughts on “See Me Live

  1. I agree that SD Blog has tanked since the new owner assumed command. Too many ads. I’m not posting there anymore. I regret not buying the site when I had a chance.


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