Oh for Four

Not being much for sports, I’m not sure if that’s how you say it or not…. the fact that out of the 4 things I shot for last month, I bombed on all four. Let’s recap:

1. I’m not in the running to be the next public radio star

2. No Leo Love scholarship

3. No Room of Her Own Foundation scholarship

and finally,

4. No publication in Commonties Story Blog

Yes, I’m obsessing about it. I’m not all weepy or anything anymore, but rather contemplative. I think if I had played sports I would be better able to handle this. Yup. Sports is the key. You learn how to fail. How to really blow it, then get back in the game again. And again.

Perhaps also as important, playing sports teaches you how to win… because even when you win, you still have to do it again the next day. Or the next month or year. You can’t rest on your laurels (what ARE laurels anyway?)

Practice is another good sports lesson. How you practice, a little every day, and see a little improvement every day. No one right out of the womb knows how to score a homerun, or do a jump shot. Nope. That takes practice. Practice may not make perfect, but it sure gets you a lot closer.

Sports also teaches you to work with a team (that is if you play team sports). You learn how to let each person do what they do best and you compensate for each others’ weaknesses.

Oh, and if you play sports, you’re in better shape, healthier. That would be good. Unless you take steroids and end up with ‘roid rage and beat somebody up, and land in jail….That would would not be a good thing.

So I will end this rambling post with a favorite quote:
A string of 'cosmic pearls' surrounds an exploding star

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”

~Les Brown

(photo: Hubble Space Telescope site)

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