Kitties Kitties and More Kitties

This is Cider. For now. She is 4 months old. She is mine. She is crazy. She is sweet. She wants to lick my nose at night. She is crazy.

This is Apple. For now. She is 4 months old. She has a moustache. She is mine. She is quiet. She is Cider’s sister.

I wanted one. But when I found out they were sisters I couldn’t break up a family.

They both need new names. I’m toying with Calliope and Clio (muses and sisters). If anyone has any famous sister names give me a holler.

More pictures coming soon. If they stay still long enough.

PS they are from Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. They are spayed already.

9 thoughts on “Kitties Kitties and More Kitties

  1. crazy bout them katz. who is the one peering from behind in photo 1 (can’t name the kitty in case the moniker changed by now). i would want all and use the same can’t split the sistas excuse;-)


  2. TAMAR: I don’t know who is peering out from behind. That photo was taken at the animal shelter and was the photo on their website. I can’t get them to sit still long enough to take a photo. Except last night when they were both entwined around my arm and I didn’t want to move to get the camera!EEBIE: The Bronte sisters. I thought of them as well, Charlotte, Emily and Anne. They died young though. Is that bad juju?


  3. I love Charlotte, but Emily and Anne seem rather dull for a kitty.Apple! It was good enough for Gwyneth! hee hee hee hee…Paris and Nicky?Ava and Zsa-Zsa?Mary-Kate and Ashley?Venus and Serena?Yeah, maybe ya better go with Emily and Anne!Although I have to say, I really like the name Cider.


  4. THIS IS WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR.Sisters? I of course would consult Wikipedia.I was dismayed that I could not think of any famous sisters who might be worthy. I felt guilty and sexist. Then I thought about it and I couldn’t think of famous brothers either, I felt less guilty and sexist, but more ignorant. :-


  5. What sweeties they are! We did the same thing recently. Unfortunately there is a third brother we had to leave behind (we’re already at four dogs) and it bothers me daily. They still have him and call daily to ask if we’d consider taking the third brother thus bringing us to 5 dogs which must be illegal – certainly insane – but I think of the third brother there, alone, without the other two….


  6. yay for kitties!!!!!1!! sadly, i know no famous sister names either. what is wrong with me? but what about two things that go together like chocolate and peanut butter? or gin and tonic?


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