Fire Watch Continues

Even though I am at work, its all we’re talking about. And now the fire fighters have set a back fire in Camp Pendleton to protect the nuclear plant and transmission lines.

A few random thoughts:

We are advised to conserve energy because a major transmission line is down. Funny. SDGE wants to build a new transmission line that is very controversial. Not that I think the fire is some sort of conspiracy to showcase the importance of the new Sun Rise Power Link but I do wonder about the urgency, especially in light (no pun intended) of our recent Enron-created power shortage.

I finally see a use for Twitter. KPBS is using twitter to create a sort of publicly accessible newswire. Much more useful than knowing that someone just picked his nose or tied her shoe.

Fire is scary.

Fire is beautiful.

Neighbors help neighbors. Local radio station 94.9 FM let KPBS use their signal to broadcast news when the KPBS tower was lost due to the fires. Thank you. I will make an effort now to listen more to FM 94.9 when I am in the mood for music. It doesn’t hurt that they are already on my car presets and their music rocks.

Some advice if you DO evacuate your home. Leave your gate open. Apparently some folks may have lost their homes because fire fighters could not get past their security gates.

I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore… not only would I still be a social outcast, and smell bad, I would have to be standing outside in this nasty air. yuck.

I have too much stuff. And most of it is not very important. How sad is that.

For a brief moment, I thought how liberating it would be to have everything burn. I said to my sister, “Just think, we wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with all that stuff from Dad’s condo.” At first she said, “Jenn. Don’t even THINK that.” Then she admitted she had the same thought.

Thanks to everyone who has inquired about my health and safety either via email or via the blog. I”m fine. Debby is fine. Our homes are fine. All our stuff is fine. Kitties are fine. All in all Life is Good.

2 thoughts on “Fire Watch Continues

  1. I’m so glad you have been posting here and commenting on other blogs to let everyone know you are okay.Since your “where there’s hope” post, I have been trying to imagine what I would take if I had to pack it all in a VW bug. I’m still thinking. Clearly I would have burned to death by now. Gah.


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