I’m Better Out Loud!

My entry, Letters From Heaven, was selected for San Diego Writers, Ink Audio Anthology : Year 3.

Whew. After all the rejection I was feeling like maybe I am not a writer. But maybe, just maybe I am better out loud than on the page.

The coolest part is that we get to re-record our submission at the KPBS (public radio) station.

If you want a sneak peek, check out the September Stories over at the First Friday Prose website. If you want to hear me live and in person, come to the Third Anniversary Party for First Fridays on December 7th.

6 thoughts on “I’m Better Out Loud!

  1. Oh, that is so awesome! Good for you! And how fun to be able to wander around and RECORD at KPBS!Tell me if folks over there look anything like their voices!


  2. first, major congrats on the work as well as on the perseverance! way to go. next, is this event a cousin of last summertime’s shingdig where you and some bloggers read out loud from their blogs?unrelated though fascinating factoid: i recently found on the jerusalem post (english paper in print and online) includes for some articles an audio version. yes. though the reader is an automaton, the idea is very cool for many reasons.congrats, out loud, you!


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