KPBS Citizen Voices Project. Round 2

Yeah me! I made it through to Round 2, and the producer has asked for more writing samples.

Let me preface the next commentary with saying that 1. I love KPBS and 2. I welcome the opportunity to apply for the Citizen Voices project and 3. I have no idea how I would choose blogger/writers…


The email request has been weighing heavy on my brain for the last four days:

We’ve finished reviewing applicants and have narrowed it down to a very small group. You’re in that group and we’re requesting a bit more information to better understand everyone’s political leanings. In no more than one sentence for each issue, let us know where you stand:

War in Iraq:


Health care:



Gun control:

Same-sex marriage:


Separation of Church/State:

In addition, we’d like to see more of your writing. Please respond (in 300 words or less) to this question:

If the presidential election were tomorrow, who would you vote for and why?

eeeeegads! The last assignment– to sum up who you are, and your “unique perspective” in 500 words– all of the sudden seems easy!

Issues like those listed above are far more complex than one sentence. I admit I stretched some of those answers as far as I could while still maintaining one, creatively long sentence. Hopefully that kind of creativity will count in my favor.

Anyway when I know more, I’ll share.

On another note… through my blog, and my application for the Citizen Voices project I “met” Aaryn, writer of RubySoho blog. We compared notes via email, read each others submissions, commiserated over the fact that we were “going for it” even though it was scary, and wondered what other San Diego bloggers had applied… She didn’t get into the narrowed down group. I’m bummed, as I’m sure she is as well. Do stop by her blog. Give her a read. She really is a good writer, and her posts and pics about her daughter are particularly fabulous.

5 thoughts on “KPBS Citizen Voices Project. Round 2

  1. Kudos to you on making the last cut. (And your recommending your pal’s writing is classy.) They ask a heck of a lot for a measly sum/month stipend/allowance/bubble-gum money. And, of course, the experience, priceless. Yet I feel some of the questions that they want you to answer are arbitrary and invasive. And questions that are tired, predictable, and smack of pre-determined “right answers.” Don’t mean to bash potential employers/bosses. I think you and your ideas are more interesting than their hoops to jump through. Reminds me of my wanting to nominate someone’s blog for a competition recently and observing that the form that nominating peeps must fill out is nearly longer than those used to apply for passports in the USA and in Israel.Love you!


  2. Chuck… thanks for stopping by!Tamar…. you’re so sweet. I agree the questions were/are invasive, but the goal of the Citizen Voices project is to hopefully represent a broad spectrum of political leanings, in order to make a decision on which bloggers to pick.


  3. I walk through life in a stay of gray. So many perspectives to explore. The thought of answering these questions in a single sentence (run-on or not) makes me queasy. I’m proud of you and wishing you the best.


  4. O.M.G.I stopped in to see what you were writing and look what I found??? That is a seriously kind shout out. You are too much! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Honestly, I am so happy that you made it to the please-give-us-additional-writing-samples stage that I don’t have too much time to waste feeling sorry for myself. As I said to you previously, you win some, you lose some. Sounds like you’re kickin’ a** and taking names on this one. You deserve it!I’m really looking forward to the hopefully very happy results of your creatively long sentence structure. Whatever you do, don’t give up.I’m crossing every one of my digits for you.


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