Is it Change?

Watching this video literally brought tears to my eyes. First off, its Oprah. Even if you don’t like her politics, her show, her hair do, or whatever, you have got to respect her as a business woman. Seriously. She produces and distributes her own show, rather than just being on-air talent– which means she maintains full artistic control. There’s also her magazine… and her angel network and her reading club. OK so now you know, even though I never watch her show, and I don’t even tape it, I am a fan. She’s awe-some and inspiring. And I am a sap.

Then you have Barak Obama. He’s pretty inspiring too. Watch for yourself.

But all this made me think. Did you know that only 56% of Americans who are eligible vote? That is an embarassing statistic. I realize it is a right, not an obligation, but how disrespectful is it to let our troops fight for us, to encourage our government to preach democracy, and then not even exercise or own rights?

We have free and fair elections (usually, unless you’re in Chicago, in the old neighborhood, where your landlord’s son is the block captain….) Polls are usually conveniently located in your own neighborhood, open from 7 am until 7 pm or so. Plenty of time before or after work to drop in and cast a vote. And there’s even mail in voting. Yes, I realize it takes some time to study up on the issues. And believe you me, here in California there are plenty of issues! But in my opinion, that is part of the deal. If you don’t like it… well there plenty of countries out there where the government makes all the decisions for you. I won’t suggest you move, rather I would suggest you take a minute to think about that, and get thee to a voter registration booth!

Happy Chrismukkah Every One

My friend Tamar posted a great primer on Hanukkah, the festival of lights, over on her blog. I met Tamar in New York this past March when I went to the BlogHer conference.

You ever meet someone with whom you find a connection even though you live entirely different lives? Tamar was one of those people. One of the most fascinating things, for me, is the fact that she lives half the year in Israel… one thing that impresses me in reading her blog is how important her faith is to her, how it is interwoven into her life and not in an in-your-face kind of way. She is not a torah-thumper, but rather she just shares bits of her life and her faith happens to be a part of it. (most of my friends are heathens like me)

Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered about Hanukkah, read her post. Let’s join her in eating “…oil-rich foods featuring potato pancakes and Hanukkah donuts called sufganiyot ….commemorating the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days.”

And most importantly, let’s all join her in “remembering all those children everywhere who desperately need light to shine on them” this holiday season.

If Only I Had Known

WASHINGTON, Dec 6 (Reuters) – President George W. Bush will unveil a plan on Thursday aimed at slowing a wave of home loan foreclosures that has threatened to knock the U.S. economy into recession and rattled investors worldwide. …MORE…

OK, now I am not so naive as to think that our president is out to save poor people from losing their homes, but rather INVESTORS and BANKS from losing their shirts, HOWEVER, had I known there would be a government bailout, perhaps I would have purchased a home I knew I could not afford.

Like many, especially here in Southern California, I’ve been watching the housing market absolutely skyrocket out of control. I’ve been wanting to buy my own place. I’ve been diligently saving money, only to watch the prices move even further out of reach. But wait! I could have qualified for a zero down, hundred percent financed interest only loan. But no, silly me opted to go the old fashioned route, and look for property and/or a mortgage I could afford. And I blew it. I’m still a renter.

How about you?