Is it Change?

Watching this video literally brought tears to my eyes. First off, its Oprah. Even if you don’t like her politics, her show, her hair do, or whatever, you have got to respect her as a business woman. Seriously. She produces and distributes her own show, rather than just being on-air talent– which means she maintains full artistic control. There’s also her magazine… and her angel network and her reading club. OK so now you know, even though I never watch her show, and I don’t even tape it, I am a fan. She’s awe-some and inspiring. And I am a sap.

Then you have Barak Obama. He’s pretty inspiring too. Watch for yourself.

But all this made me think. Did you know that only 56% of Americans who are eligible vote? That is an embarassing statistic. I realize it is a right, not an obligation, but how disrespectful is it to let our troops fight for us, to encourage our government to preach democracy, and then not even exercise or own rights?

We have free and fair elections (usually, unless you’re in Chicago, in the old neighborhood, where your landlord’s son is the block captain….) Polls are usually conveniently located in your own neighborhood, open from 7 am until 7 pm or so. Plenty of time before or after work to drop in and cast a vote. And there’s even mail in voting. Yes, I realize it takes some time to study up on the issues. And believe you me, here in California there are plenty of issues! But in my opinion, that is part of the deal. If you don’t like it… well there plenty of countries out there where the government makes all the decisions for you. I won’t suggest you move, rather I would suggest you take a minute to think about that, and get thee to a voter registration booth!

3 thoughts on “Is it Change?

  1. I agree that people should feel more compelled to vote. It is a right, one that people all over the world who are far less fortunate than Americans, are dying to have. Literally. It is the most un-patriotic thing to do, not to vote. However, democracy requires participation of it’s citizens that goes well beyond voting. Like constant vigilance to ensure that our votes matter. Which they really don’t, as long as Diebold makes paperless electronic voting machines AND also contributes money to one particular party (i.e. the GOP). Which they really don’t when former Diebold employees are hired by an unscrupulous County Board of Supervisors to fill vacant Registrar of Voters positions. Which they really don’t as long as the Supreme Court is permitted to hand pick a president.Also, if our government really wanted it’s citizens to participate through voting, we would be going to the polls on a Saturday, or our Tuesday voting day would be a national holiday, thus ensuring all citizens could get to the polls.Am I a cynic? Perhaps. Realistic? Definitely. Do I vote anyway? Every. Single. Time.


  2. Voting is a must. People often sacrifice their lives for the right to vote. Thanks for reminding us of this blessing of a democracy. p


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